Fluke 373 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter

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Key features
A top performing True-RMS current clamp for AC-only current measurements to 600 A
Measures AC and DC voltage to 600 V
Measures resistance to 6000 Ω with continuity detection
Offers state of the art signal processing to provide stable readings even in noisy electrical environments

Product overview: Fluke 373 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter
Fluke 373 True RMS AC Clamp Meter does the job for any AC-only current measurement application
Fluke 373 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter is a great choice for AC-only current measurement situations. Featuring True RMS AC voltage and current measurements you can measure AC current to 600 A and AC voltage to 600V. The 373 also measures DC voltage to 600 V and resistance to 6000 Ω.
To make it even easier to use, the large, easy-to-read backlit display provides better visibility in dimly lit conditions. And the 373 automatically sets the correct measurement range based on the voltage present when you power up, so you do not need to move the switch while taking a measurement. When you put it all together, you’ll find the Fluke 373 offers everything you need, plus a little more.
Other useful capabilities:
Provides True-RMS voltage and current measurements to accurately measure non-linear signals
Automatically selects a measurement range based on voltage present so you don’t need to change the switch positions while taking a measurement
Presents readings on a large, easy-to-read backlit display
Features CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V safety ratings
Comes with a soft carrying case and three-year warranty
Runs on two AA alkaline batteries

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