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Properties of Measured Range Accredited 17025 By Calibration Services
 ANAB   (U.S.A.)    TISI     (Thai) In Lab On-Site
  Frequency and Time Calibrations         
  Time base Oscillators    Frequency Standard  :  
  GPS Frequency Ref. Receivers     • 0.5MHz, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz   
  Freq./Universal Counters ( <5E-6  to  <5E-9)   Frequency Range  :  
  Hz Meters ( Analog / Digital Type)     • 1Hz  to  20GHz    
  Microwave Frequency Meters  
  Frequency Converters  
  Frequency Multipliers    
  Frequency Comparators    
  Modulation Domain / Time Interval Analyzer    
  Revolutionmeters ( RPM )    
  Analog / Digital Timers    
  Watches & Clocks    
  Phase Meters / Phase Rotation Meter    
  Communications Equipment Calibration         
  Universal Filters   Frequency Standard  :  
  Switching Unit / Key Box With Attennuator     • 0.5MHz, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz   
  Distortion Meters, Distortion Calibrators   Frequency Range  :  
  Distortion Meters With Oscillators     • 1Hz  to  20GH   
  Audio Generator   RF Level  :   
  Audio Analyzer      • 30 dB  to  -127 dB  
         ( 100kHz  to  1.3GHz)        
  Line Simulators   RF Attenuator  :      
  Analog Transmission Test Set -1, 2, 3     • Up-100dB (DC to 6 GHz)  
  Error Rate Testers    
  Error Detectors    
  Error Analyzers    
  PCM Line Test Set    
  PCM Multiplex Testers    
  DSU Testers    
  Digital Transmission Analyzers    
  PCM Terminal Test Set / PCM Channel Test Set    
  Multimedia MUX Analyzers    
  PCM Codec Analyzers    
  ATM Analyzers    
  SMD Analyzers    
  PCM/FDM/TDM Analyzers    
  Interface Testers      
  Television Test Generators      
  Modular TV Test Generators      
  Signal Generators      
  Digital Modulation Signal Generators      
  Microwave Signal Generators      
  Function Generators      
  Waveform Arbitary Function Generator      
  Frequency Synthesizers ( Low accuracy )      
  Frequency Synthesizers ( High Accuracy )      
  Sweep Oscillators       
  Synthesized Sweep Oscillator      
  Pulse Generators      
  Universal Sources      
  Clock Generators      
  Pulse Pattern Generators      
  Data Generators / Word Generators      
  Speaker Test Oscillators      
  Time Synthesizers      
  Phase Generators      
  FM Linear Detectors      
  FM / AM Modulation Meters      
  Modulation Analyzers      
  Modulation Analyzer With Power Sensors      
  Measuring Receivers      
  Measuring Receiver With Power Sensors      
  Receiver / Test Receivers      
  Interference / Field Strength Meters      
  Radio Communication Analyzers      
  Radio Test Set      
  Cellular Testers / MCA Testers      
  Digital Modulation Radio Communication Analyzers      
  Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Testers      
  Modulation Spectrum Analyzers      
  Signalling Testers      
  PDC/PHS Testers      
  Digital Modulators      
  Modulation Accuracy Measurement Unit      
  Standard Level Meters      
  Level Meters      
  Selective Level Meters      
  NTSC / PAL Generators      
  Television Test Digital Generators      
  Video Sweep Generators      
  Related Television Test Generators      
  Television Monochrome / Color Monitors      
  Television Waveform Monitors      
  Video Analyzers      
  Video Pattern Generator      
  Multiplex Video Analyzers      
  Stereo Modulators      
  Telephone Unit Testers      
  Telephone Dial Testers      
  MF-DP Dial Memory Testers      
  Telephone Impedance Testers      
  PBX Testers      
  Transmitter Sensitivity Testers      
  Bell Ringer Generators      
  Impulse Senders      
  Wow Flutter Meters      
  CD Jitter Meters      
  Logic Analyzers      
  Logic Analyzer Systems      
  Oscilloscope and Waveform Analysis Equipment Calibrations        
  Analog Oscilloscopes   Frequency Standard :
  Synchroscopes / Memoryscopes     0.5MHz, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz  
  Digitizing Oscilloscopes    Frequency Bandwidth :
  Sampling/DSO Digital Oscilloscopes      DC to 6 GHzz
  Sampling Oscilloscopes    Period Range : 2ns to 5s
  X-Y Scopes / X-Y Monitor Scopes   DCV : 0 to 5 kV  
  Oscilloscopes with High Voltage Probe   ACV : Up to 5 kV  
  Oscilloscopes with Voltage Isolators     
  Oscilloscopes with Current Probes    
  Oscilloscopes with Differential Probes    
  Oscilloscopes with Active Probes   Frequency Standard :  
  HV Probe / Active Probes     0.5MHz, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz  
  Difference Probe / Current Probe   Frequency Range :  
  Spectrum Analyzer     • 100 kHz to 20 GHz
  Tracking Genenrators   RF Level :   
  Dynamic Signal Analyzers     • 10 dBm to -127 dBm  
  FFT Analyzers  
  Site Master    
  RF Field Analyzers ( Portable )  




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