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Properties of Measured Range Accredited 17025 By Calibration Services
 ANAB   (U.S.A.)    TISI     (Thai) In Lab On-Site
  Microwave Power Meters + Power Sensors          
  Power Meters ( Indicator Only )   Frequency Standard :  
  Power Sensors ( Thermocouple and Diod Type )     •  0.5MHz, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz    
  Modulation Power Meters   Frequency Range :    
  Power Meter Calibrators ( Range Calibrator )     •  100 kHz  to  20 GHz  
  Network Analyzers   RF Level  :  
  Network Analyzers + S-Parameter Test Sets     •  10 dBm to -127 dBm   
  RF Analyzers      
  Scalar Network Analyzers      
  System Analyzers      
  Transmission / Reflection Test Sets      
  Fixed Attenuators      
  Step Attenuator  ( 50W, DC-1.3GHz )      
  Three / Four Port Junction Pad      
  Pin Modular      
  Terminations / Calibration Kit      
  Directional Couplers      
  Directional Detectors      
  RF Detectors      
  RF Filters      
  Power Splitters      
  Power Dividers      
  Matching Pad and Impedance Adapters      
  RF Amplifiers      




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