Fluke 233 Remote Display Digital Multimeter

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Key features
True RMS Digital Multimeter with detachable display
Measures up to 1000 VAC and DC
Measures up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds)
Provides a 10,000 μF capacitance range
Measures frequency to 50 kHz
Includes a built-in thermometer to measure temperature without a separate instrument

Product overview: Fluke 233 Remote Display Digital Multimeter
Fluke 233 Remote Display Digital Multimeter gives you ultimate flexibility in tough measurement situations
The Fluke 233 Digital Multimeter with its removable display gives you the flexibility to take measurements in hard to reach places or in areas with restricted access. You can be in two places at once and reduce the risk of arc flash by separating yourself from hazardous measurement situations. Just connect the meter to the test point and then place the display in a location up to 10 meters (33 ft.) away where you can see it. No more having to stretch into tight spots or hard to reach locations to take measurements. No more having to hold both the meter and the test leads to make a measurement. The Fluke 233 is ideal for any application where the measurement point is separated from controls or where you can't stay close to the meter during measurements due to hazards, moving machinery or in clean rooms. Plus, it features True RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals.
Other useful features:
Radio transmitter automatically turns off the when the display is connected to the meter so you can use it as a conventional multimeter
Easy to read display with large digits and bright backlight
Delivers approximately 400 hours of battery life
Offers resistance, continuity, and diode test
Features a removable magnetic display that can be conveniently mounted where it can be easily seen
Low power wireless technology allows the display to be moved up to 10 meters (33 ft.) away from the point of measurement, without causing measurement interference
Allows you to take measurements without holding the meter, to improve visual focus on probes and augment safe electrical measurements
Provides auto power-off to maximize battery life
Features Min/Max, and Average recording to capture variations automatically

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