Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator

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Key features
The 721Ex can be configured by selecting either a 16 PSI (1.1 bar) or 36 psi (2.48 bar) low pressure sensor then add any of 7 high pressure ranges including 100, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 or 5000 psi (6.9, 20, 24.5, 69, 103.4, 200, 345 bar).
Intrinsically Safe (721Ex version only) – IECEx and Atex Ex ia IIB T3 Gb (Zone 1)
Ideal for gas flow calibration (custody transfer) applications
Two isolated, stainless steel, pressure sensors with 0.025 % accuracy
Pt100 RTD input for temperature measurement, (probe optional)
Switch test on both pressure inputs
Pressure displayed in the user’s choice of 19 engineering units
Large backlit graphic display can display up to three inputs simultaneously
Store five instrument setups for recall and use


Product overview: Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator
Pressure calibration and temperature measurement for custody transfer applications
The ideal tool for gas custody transfer applications in potentially explosive atmospheres is the Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator. With dual isolated pressure sensors, it allows you to take simultaneous static and differential pressure measurements with a single tool.

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