Fluke TiS55 Infrared Camera

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Key features
Manual focus infrared camera with 220x165 resolution (36,300 pixels)
Captures optimal images from as close as 0.15m (6in)
Provides a D:S of 353:1
Offers a temperature measurement range from -20 °C to 450 °C (–4 °F to 842 °F)
Includes a built-in laser pointer
Displays images on a 3.5 inch, 320x240 LCD
Offers five presets of IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend and PIP to help find problems fast
Captures visible light images with built-in 5 megapixel industrial performance digital camera
Includes a smart battery system that allows you to easily monitor your battery charge level with five-segment LED display
Allows real-time communication by email from your smart phone  with Fluke Connect®*  
Stores thousands of images—4 GB internal memory and included 4 GB micro SD card


Product overview: Fluke TiS55 Infrared Camera
Fluke TiS55 Infrared Camera helps you diagnose faster with clear, crisp, quality images
The Fluke TiS55 gives you the flexibility of manual focus to capture the best image possible of your target. Use it to quickly identify potential building, electrical, and mechanical problems with crisp and clear 220x165 resolution. It is built rugged so you can take it anywhere. And with five presets of IR-Fusion® AutoBlend™ you can blend a visible light image with an infrared image at five different levels to more easily locate problems. Likewise, picture-in-picture mode lets you maintain a frame of reference by placing an infrared window within the digital image to highlight the point of interest. With a distance to spot (D:S) ratio of 353:1 you can capture those images from a longer distance away.
With 4 GB internal memory and 4 GB more with the included micro SD card, you can store thousands of images on the TiS55, making it quick and easy to document problems. And with the lithium ion smart battery with the five-segment LED charge level display, you'll always know how much power you have left.
Collaborate from the field with Fluke Connect® connectivity
Because the TiS55 is Fluke Connect-enabled you can share images in real-time¹ across teams and save time by creating and emailing reports from the jobsite. Capture multiple measurements and save them to the cloud with WiFi upload and free storage for up to 5GB with Fluke Cloud™.
Get more out of your images with Fluke Connect® SmartView® IR Analysis Reporting Software
You can use Fluke Connect SmartView software to analyze images from the TiS55 with graphical tools to quantify the severity of problems. When you're done analyzing you can easily generate a professional report complete with thermal images with the easy-to-follow report wizard to guide you step by step.

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