Fluke TiX520 Infrared Camera

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Key features
320 x 240 infrared camera with large responsive LCD touchscreen
Provides temperature measurements from -20°C to +850°C (-4 °F to +1562 °F)
Features a 240° rotating screen to navigate hard to reach objects
Delivers premium image quality with excellent spatial resolution for a 320 x 240 infrared camera¹


Product overview: Fluke TiX520 Infrared Camera
Fluke TiX520 infrared camera gives you easier angles with a 240° rotating screen and broader temperature range
The Fluke TiX520 will help you easily navigate over, under and around hard to reach targets with the full 240° rotating screen. You can capture and process images quickly and analyze images in the field on the 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD with on-camera analytics. Save time by editing emissivity, background temp, transmissivity, palettes, color alarms, adjusting IR-Fusion, and enabling/disabling markers all on the camera.
Focus on quality at the touch of a button
With the TiX520 you can instantly get an in-focus image of your target with precision accuracy using Fluke's exclusive LaserSharp® Auto Focus technology. The built-in laser distance meter quickly calculates and displays the distance to your designated target with pinpoint accuracy. This helps ensure that you get the correct image and temperature measurements of the exact target you're inspecting. You can turn your 320 x 240 images into 640 x 480 images with SuperResolution (available both on-screen and in software). And the TiX520 is compatible with optional field installable 2x and 4xs telephoto, wide angle, and 25 Micron macro smart lenses for added versatility.
Save time and increase productivity with Fluke Connect
You can use the Fluke Connect-enabled TiX520 to see, save and share images with multiple remote users from the field simultaneously, with ShareLive™ video call. Fluke Connect connects to the largest selection of wireless test and measurement tools so you can even combine measurements from multiple Fluke Connect-enabled tools and infrared images into one report*. You'll be able to organize your measurements by asset in one location and make better decisions faster than before. *Fluke Connect® SmartView® analysis and reporting software is available in all countries but Fluke Connect system is not. Please check availability with your authorized Fluke representative.
Other useful features:
Provides large 5.7-inch responsive LCD touchscreen with 150% more viewing area than 3.5-inch screen
Provides 4x the pixel data with SuperResolution to create a 640 x 480 resolution image (both on screen and in software)
Offers light and ergonomic handling with neck and hand strap for all day use
Features LaserSharp® Auto Focus to produce consistently in-focus images for more accurate temperature measurements
Includes a built-in laser distance meter that calculates the distance to your designated target up to 30 meters (100 feet)
Enables quick and easy in-field analysis with IR-Fusion® blending technology and advanced touchscreen functions including continuous level and span adjustment and filter mode for improved thermal sensitivity
Offers Fluke Connect® App compatibility to share results with remote users via a smart phone and connect to the largest network of wireless test and measurement tools (Fluke Connect not available in all countries)
Works with optional field-installable wide angle, 2x and 4x telephoto, and macro smart lenses for greater flexibility in additional applications
Includes Fluke Connect® SmartView® desktop software to optimize thermal images, perform analytics, quickly generate customizable reports, and export images to the format of your choice in the cloud*
*Fluke Connect® SmartView® analysis and reporting software is available in all countries but Fluke Connect system is not. Please check availability with your authorized Fluke representative.

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